Inspiration & Outside Research

Some of the best research comes when talking to your users, but also relying on other's research

Blogs to follow / Newsletters to signup for

Corporate Insight - digital trends, news, and insights across financial services industries
Hey Designer - curated articles for designers and front-end developers
Invision - Sketch updates, inside design departments at companies, various other design related topics
Luke W - critical details and big picture behind digital product design
MeasuringU - Jeff Suaro, statistical analyst and pioneer in quantifying the user experience
Nielson Norman Group - usability, website design, and UX research
Smashing Magazine - useful tips, tricks and resources for designers and developers
UX Thought of the Day - by Jared M. Spool

E-commerce Research

Video: How to Simplify Payment Forms by Luke Wroblewski
Ecommerce UX: 3 Design Trends to Follow and 3 to Avoid by Amy Schade at Nielsen Norman Group
Baymard Institute Blog

Email Research

MailChimp Research
Impact of Mobile Use on Email Engagement by MailChimp (Click rates vary by device, link placement, design responsiveness)

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